Essays, White Papers, Definitions on Modeling

Our research mission: Improving software and systems development by identifying: methods, concepts, tools and infrastructures for innovative and efficient incremental development of software and software intensive high quality systems in less time while flexibly integrating evolving requirements.

We contributed a number of publications to this mission. However, not all our insights, thoughts and comments are made explicit in scientific papers or sometimes the insights are deeply embedded in the paper and only became relevant afterwards. Thus, we have decided to formulate some insights and findings in form of comments and essays directly in the blog like web.

Definitions, Considerations and Rationale

Modeling Languages

Software and Systems Engineering Topics

SoSyM Editorials: also worthwile reading

Architectural Description Languages (ADL, SysML)

Modeling Languages (SLE)

Modeling Techniques: Analysis

Model-Driven and Model-Based Engineering Methods

Modeling in the Large

Models for Digitalization and Digital Transformation

Modeling in and for Research

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