Model-Based Software Engineering / Model-Based Systems Engineering

The MBSE is the joint(!) lecture of the two courses

  • Model-Based Software Engineering
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering

The two lectures are held jointly, because even though Software Engineering and Systems Engineering have a different focus, modern mechanical systems are to a large extent controlled by network-intensive software functions and thus an integrated software/systems view on a joint modeling approach is inevitable. We can see this integrative need e.g. by the overlap between the SysML and UML modeling languages.

Lectures will be held jointly. Only very individual aspects will differ. Details will be announced in the lecture.

Lecturer: Prof. Bernhard Rumpe

Supervising Assistants:

Event Type: Lecture with practical exercise and modeling project as module examination

Course number: 12.00020 and 12.00056

Scope: V2Ü3; 6 ECTS

Regular appointments:

Tue. 10:15 am - 11:45 pm lecture room: AH II (2350|111)
Wed. 14:30 am - 16:00 pm lecture room: IPC (2400|U101)
Thu. 12:15 pm - 13:45 pm lecture room: IPC (2400|U101)


Knowledge of the course “Introduction to Software Engineering” (Einführung in die Softwaretechnik) is required. Parallel attendance of the Softwaretechnik lecture is possible. Programming knowledge is also helpful (code examples will be in Java).


The lecture elaborates on the model-based development of complex software systems and cyber-physical Systems, such as cars, airplanes, production factories and their cloud-backed infrastructure. Discussed topics include the use of models in the software development process, the simulation and generation of code and test cases from models, as well as their analysis and their evolution through refactoring. It covers the functional view of models in the systems development process, their analysis, and their evolution by refactoring. For this purpose, the modeling languages UML and SysML are examined as well as their underlying modeling paradigms. Hence, the lecture provides an integrated insight into model-based systems engineering and investigates the cross-domain development of software-intensive systems using modeling languages and corresponding tools.

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