Processes and Methods of Software Tests

Lecturer: Dr. Stefan Kriebel

Teaching Assistants:

Course type: Block Course With Written Exam

Scope: V2; 3 ECTS

Dates: June 28 + 29, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Room: Room 2202 (Ahornstraße 55, go upstairs in the main foyer of the computer science building)

Course Number: 12.26065


Knowledge of the course “Introduction to Software Engineering” is required.


  • Foundations: introduction, motivation and wording, basic test process, prioritizing tests, psychology of testing
  • Tests in the software lifecycle: software development methodologies, module/component tests, integration test, system test, acceptance test, maintenance of tests, prototype testing
  • Static tests: manual methods, static analysis
  • Dynamic tests: black-box approach, white-box approach, intuitive test case development
  • Test management: risk management, economic efficiency, reuse of tests, failure management, metrics, organizing test teams, qualifications, configuration management, standards, TestProcessImprovement (TPI)
  • Tools and automation: types, evaluation and introduction of tools, home built vs. commercial, introduction of tools


There is the possibility to participate in a certification as ISTQB® Certified Tester in the context of the lecture. A fee of approx. 100-150€ is due for participation. The participation is voluntary and independent of the participation in the written exam. The certification will only take place if there is a minimum number of interested participants.


  • Spillner, T. Linz: Basiswissen Softwaretest: Aus- und Weiterbildung zum Certified Tester - Foundation Level nach ISTQB-Standard, August 2005
  • H. Balzert: Lehrbuch der Softwaretechnik (v.a. Band 2)
  • M. Pol, T. Koomen, A. Spillner: Management und Optimierung des Testprozesses, Dpunkt 2002
  • G. E. Thaller: Software-Test: Verifikation und Validation, Heise 2002
  • Peter Liggesmeyer: Software-Qualität, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag (August 2002)
  • Spillner et al.: Praxiswissen Softwaretest, 2006

Degree Programs

  • See RWTH online

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