Software Engineering Lab:
Development of Components for generated Information Systems

The development of Information systems is time-consuming and complex. Different parts of the information system share the same structure and thus can easily be generated. The generator framework MontiGem fulfills this purpose, by transforming a set of models into a full-size real-world information system in the form of a web application. With a broader scope of targeted challenges, the framework requires a new set of exchangeable components to gain the required flexibility. Your task within this lab course will be to implement these new software components in order to enable the framework to generate the information system for given new use cases.

Kick-Off Meeting: TBA (online)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Course Type: Seminar

Language(s): German, English

Course ID: TBA

What you will learn:

  • Generator development
  • Medium size Application Software Engineering
  • Framework development
  • Best practices in programming

Recommended Knowledge:
You should have a basic knowledge of at least one of the Following Languages:

  • Java
  • TypeScript
Knowledge of Generators and Modeling Languages is helpful.

Dates: (online attendance required)
  • TBA (kick-off and introduction)


The appointments of the course require online participation. Individual meetings with your supervisor are also held online.