Software Engineering Seminar: A Journey into Software Language Workbenches

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  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

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In this seminar, the participants will systematically investigate the expressiveness and tool support of state-of-the-art language workbenches (such as Xtext, MPS, or Rascal). The intended result is a joint understanding of the capabilities of modern language workbenches.
In particular, topics from the following areas are offered:

  • Features of current Language Workbenches
    • Language Definition
    • Projectional Editors
    • Customized Editors
  • Development and quality assurance of code generators
  • Reuse: composition of languages, generators and models
  • Variability of modeling languages, tools and architectures
  • Further topics of language engineering

Requirements: Interest in language engineering and model-driven development processes. The lecture Model-based Software Development (can also be attended in parallel with the seminar) or Software Language Engineering is desirable.