Autonomous Driving Lab: Modeling, Simulation and 3D-Visualisation of Cooperative Cars

Room: SE Seminarraum / SE Seminar room

Begin: 1.10.2018 (the exact date is to be announced)

Supervising Assistants: Course Type: Practical Course

Course ID:12.00006

Inhalt / Content

The regular lab meeting will take place on Wednesdays at 4p.m. at the seminar room of the SE department (only applicable for students assigned to the kick off on Thu, 20th Apr. at 2p.m.)

Autonomous cars have recently gained a lot of attention in research and industry. However, the development of software for such vehicles is still a big challange and involves many interacting components such as

  • Navigation
  • World models
  • Situation understanding
  • Trajectory planning
  • Controllers
  • A sensor system / image recognition
  • Communication
  • Security and safety features
  • Middleware integration such as ROS
  • Deep Learning
  • Integration and Simulation in IDEs
  • and many others.
For the implementation of such elaborate systems new software development methodologies are required. The component & connector modeling paradigm has been the first choice in automotive industry and research for many years. In this lab, we will look at the development of vehicular systems using EmbeddedMontiArc and the EmbeddedMontiArcStudio IDE. The language family offers plenty of new features important for the development of embedded and cyber-physical systems including SI unit support, deep learning integration, middleware adapter generation, and others. In this lab the student team will be involved in ongoing research of cyber-physical systems engineering. We will develop autonomous drivng functions and use the results to improve the software engineering methodology, e.g. by introducing new component libraries.
Attention: The number of participant is limited to 20 due to the large demand on the WS16/17 lab.

Voraussetzungen / Prerequisites :

  • Vorlesung Softwaretechnik / Pass lecture Software Technology
  • Motivation
  • gute Programmiererfahrung / good skills in programming
  • Spaß an Gruppenarbeit / like to work with people

Ergebnisse aus vorherigen Seminaren und Praktika / Results of previous students' works



Cooperative Driving in a Platoon