Proseminar Autonomous Driving

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Inhalt / Content

Autonomous cars have recently gained a lot of attention in research and industry. However, the development of software for such vehicles is still a big challange and involves many interacting components such as

  • Navigation
  • World models
  • Situation understanding
  • Trajectory planning
  • Controllers
  • A sensor system / image recognition
  • Communication
  • Security and safety features
  • Middleware integration such as ROS
  • Deep Learning
  • Integration and Simulation in IDEs
  • and many others.
For the implementation of such elaborate systems new software development methodologies are required. In this pro-seminar, we are going to deal with development paradigms such as deep driving, component-and-connector modeling, and other innovative approaches employed in the automotive domain. You are going to learn about scientific methods including
  • literature research
  • planning and conducting your research
  • scientific writing
  • presenting your results.
In the kick-off meeting a list of autonomous driving related topics will be presented. Each student chooses a topic and studies it in the course of the semester. The progress is discussed within the group in regular meetings. At the end of the semester, each student submits a seminar paper and presents the results in a short final presentation. There are no pre-requisites except the interest in autonomous driving and computer science.

Ergebnisse aus vorherigen Seminaren und Praktika / Results of previous students' works



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