Software Engineering in IoT and Smart Home

Room: Seminarroom, Chair of Software Engineering

Kick-Off Meeting: 9. April, 9:00 23.04.2019, 9:00.

Due to the official announcement of the RWTH (click) to cancel all practical courses until April 19, the date of the kick-off meeting has been postponed by two weeks.


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Supervising Assistants: Course Type: Practical Course

Course ID: 12.58130

Subject: IoT and smart building-management

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyday objects with each other and with the Internet. This allows IoT applications to react to and influence their environment. For example, a fire alarm system could connect not only to the alarm system but also to the lights of the building and warn deaf people of a fire by repeatedly switching the lights on and off.

A popular application of IoT are Smart Homes. Smart Homes focus on enhancing peoples lives by providing means to assist or automate everyday activities. This is achieved by integrating sensors and actuators into different household appliances. For example, groceries can be reordered as soon as supplies run out, or the sunblind on the balcony can be retracted in case of rain.

Web-Information Systems provide cross-platform data access and manipulation. The data is transformed for specific use-cases, which allows user-friendly interaction with the system.

What you will learn:

In this course, you will develop a Smart Home application using different sensors, such as temperature and movement sensors. Further, you will implement a Web-Information System, which displays collected data using different views, e.g. charts and tables. Additionally, you will build the communication between the Smart Home devices to the web application.

Registration and briefing:

Please describe your experience (programming skills, attended lectures, lab courses, seminars).



  • Java
  • Git
  • Model-Driven Software Development
  • C++
  • Typescript
  • Angular

Please inform yourself about the learning objectives in the "Modulhandbuch" (M.Sc.).