Evaluating model-driven systems engineering techniques for cyber-physical systems

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases. (INCOSE SE Vision 2020)

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  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

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In this seminar, the participants will systematically investigate modeling techniques for production plant planning, communication between smart devices and other tools for systems engineering in the context of cyber-physical systems.For this purpose, we first conduct a literature search. The methods found are compared and evaluated using a use case from context smart manufacturing. At the end of the semester, a block seminar takes place where the students present their topics in the group, and we discuss together the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches. We also write a joint report on the existing methods and tools.
In particular, languages and methods for Systems Engineering are investigated, e.g.

  • SysML
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Multi-View Modeling
  • Methods of enabling communication between devices

Requirements: Interest in language engineering and model-driven development processes. The lecture Model-based Software Development (can also be attended in parallel with the seminar) or Software Language Engineering is desirable.