Software Engineering Seminar:
Model-Based Assistance & E-Health

The E-Health domain itself is split into several application areas such as health insurance, accident prevention, practicing doctors, first responder and rescue services, hospitals with electronic health records, operations, medical screening and medical care, short and longtime care at home or in institutions, physiotherapy, ergotherapy and rehabilitation. For the digitalisation of all of these areas informatics plays an important role. Some of the recent challenges in this domain for Informatics are sensible and private data, heterogeneous information sources, complex communication systems and processes, growing amounts of structural and behavioural data, and a broad range of end-users with different educational background. For end users important aspects of technical systems in e-health are the reliability of such systems, transparency in data handling, privacy and security of medical and personal data and processes and assistive and supportive services and systems to guide them. This seminar offers a deep insight into current research.

Kick-Off Meeting: 3.4., 14.00

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Supervising Assistants: Course Type: Seminar
Course ID: 12.00012
Language: de/en


In this seminar, the participants will systematically investigate state-of-the-art assistance systems, model-based creation of assistance systems and services, current e-health applications and systems as well as future trends in this domain. The intended result is a broad knowledge about the state-of-the-art of this domain and the current practice in model-based software engineering. In particular, topics from the following areas are offered:

  • Architectures for Assistance Systems
  • Domain Specific Languages for E-Health
  • Fall Detection Systems
  • Health Standards
  • Hospital 4.0
  • Medical Services
  • Model-Based (Service) Robotics
  • Mobility Support
  • Privacy in E-Health Applications
  • Process Modelling in E-Health
  • Sensor Systems
  • Smart Home Services for Health

Interest in model-based engineering and the application area e-health.