Lab Class: App-Development for Smart Cars

Room: Seminarraum Lehrstuhl Software Engineering (4312)

Begin: The Date of the introductory meeting will be announced.

  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe
Supervising Assistants: Course Type: Laboratory

Course ID: 13ss-42965

Subject: App-Development for Smart Cars

Cars are continuously becoming networked citizens of cloud-based service landscapes. Infotainment systems co-evolve with other internet-connected devices and have started to support extensible sets of applications for media, social networks, environment information, business and fleet organization. The current trend goes towards integration of application platforms with the car’s internal board net to integrate the full car with the cloud and car-specific cloud services like smart charging stations networks for electronic cars.

This lab focuses on the development of apps that ranging from user centric apps to technical car centric apps. You will develop apps on a custom app framework for an actual electric car currently developed in an industrial research project. The lab will focus on the creation of app ideas, app design and app development.

Registration and briefing
Please give information about your experience (programming skills, attended lectures, lab courses, seminars). Preconditions:
  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language
  • Principles of object-oriented design and programming
  • Helpful but optional: Android development
Please inform yourself about the learning objectives in the “Modulhandbuch” (M.Sc.).
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