MDETools'17 Rover Challenge Languages

This is the companion website for the MontiCore languages developed to address the Rover challenge posed by the MDETools'17 workshop. The languages have been presented in the paper "Engineering a Rover Language in GEMOC Studio & MontiCore" by Thomas Degueule, Tanja Mayerhofer, and Andreas Wortmann.

To explore the languages, proceed as follows:

  1. Download and extract the rover projects archive (includes languages and code generator).
  2. Install Java 1.8 or later and maven.
  3. Copy the settings.xml file from the archive to your local maven directory (e.g., $home/.m2).
  4. Import the projects from the extracted rover projects workspace.
  5. First build the project raspirover-dsl via "Run as" -> "Maven build" -> "clean install", the build the project rcl2java in the same way (you also can build the projects from the command line via "mvn clean install" accordingly.)
  6. Have a look at the grammars in raspirover-dsl/src/main/grammars/mdetools/ and the generated code at rcl2java/target/generated-sources/

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