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EmbeddedMontiArc: Textual Modeling Alternative to Simulink

(Tool Demonstration)

Evgeny Kusmenko, Jean-Marc Ronck, Bernhard Rumpe, and Michael von Wenckstern
Modeling Language for Cyber-Physical Systems
Download EmbeddedMontiArcStudio 1.7.5-beta

Portable App for Windows 64-bit

The paper uses the 1.7.5-beta version, and thus this is frozen at this page. Please, take a look at for newer releases and further information about EmbeddedMontiArc.

Supplementary Material for Tool Demonstration:
C&C Models
Screenshots of EmbeddedMontiArcStudio

C&C Models

Screenshots of EmbeddedMontiArcStudio

Integrated Test Environment
Syntax Highlighting
Visualization (Ports with Names)
Visualization (Ports without Names)
Visualization (only Components)
Quality Reports
CI Testing Output in Reports
Car Simulator (Top View)
Car Simulator (Front View)
Car Simulator (Side View)


Middleware Plugins.
Coupling EmbeddedMontiArc with different Middlewares.

Here, we embed the videos mentioned in the paper showing our EmbeddedMontiArc development environment.