Masterthesis: Sustainability in Software Development Processes

Sustainable development is a topic that must also be addressed in software engineering research. In order to make software development processes more sustainable, one needs detailed information about the development processes, which criteria are to be used for an evaluation of sustainability, and data about them, e.g., the green fingerprint of individual steps and technologies used.

Within this master thesis, the aim is to develop a language extension for process models enabling developers to annotate relevant sustainability metrics to specific process steps. The focus should be on metrics for technical sustainability, however, these language extensions should be developed in a way, that they are easily extensible for metrics in the areas of economic, ecological and social sustainability. The approach should be evaluated using the development process of a software development project.

Tasks of this thesis

  • Elaborate which sustainability metrics are relevant for software development processes
  • Create relevant process models describing the software engineering process of a project using the BPMN language
  • Create language components for sustainability metrics to add to the process model, e.g., energy consumption
  • Include the process models into the generation process of an application using MontiGem and create helpful visualizations
  • Create test data and evaluate the approach with an example development project

Desirable Skills

  • Interest in software engineering processes and model-driven engineering
  • Interest in sustainability
  • Lecture SLE
  • Knowledge regarding BPMN desired


Interested in this topic? Inform yourself about our current research and publications, e.g., Process-Aware Information Systems, Process-Aware Digital Twin Cockpits, and Digital Twins for Sustainable Software Systems.

For more information please sent your application documents to Dr. Judith Michael.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe
Lehrstuhl Software Engineering
Ahornstr. 55
52074 Aachen