Software Engineering Seminar:
Generating User Interaction for Information Systems

User Interfaces bridge the gap between the system operator and the logic of an application. GUIs are an essential part of every Information System. With rising demand on shorter development times and a simultaneously growing demand for more complex interfaces approaches using modeling languages show promising results. In the context of this seminar, we will take a closer look into different approaches that use generators to rapidly produce user interfaces.

Kick-Off Meeting: TBA (online)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Course Type: Seminar

Language(s): German, English

Course ID: TBA

Subject: Generating User Interaction for Information Systems

This Seminar will give you insight into current methodologies on the agile development of Information Systems. We Tackle the different aspects of the development of languages and user interfaces. Further, we evaluate different development methods and generators and discuss their effects on the overall software engineering process. Students will be presented with a set of papers and Topics to start with.

For example, the following topics will be investigated:

  • Modeling Languages für UI
  • Low Code
  • Generated UI
  • Graphical Editors
  • ...

What you will learn:

  • Applied Language design
  • Modeling Concepts of User Interfaces
  • Generator Development
  • Scientific Writing and literature research

Recommended Preconditions:
You should have basic knowledge of domain specific languages and generator development. A keen interest in user interfaces and web design is helpful.

  • SLE
  • MBSE
  • GSE

Dates: (online attendance required)
  • TBA (kick-off and introduction)


The four appointments of the course require online participation. Individual meetings with your supervisor are also held online.