Formal Methods in Software Engineering

Room: TBA

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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Supervising Assistants: Course Type:Seminar

Course ID:TBA

Subject: Formal Methods in Software Engineering

In model-driven Engineering models are the main development artifacts. By utilizing rigorously designed modeling-languages these models obtain a formal meaning which enables automated processing such as verification or static analyses of these models. Ultimately, this enables agile and distributed development by automation.

What you will learn: Topics of the seminar include but are not limited to

  • Formal semantics of Modeling Languages
  • Semantic Differencing

Registration and briefing:

Please describe your experience (programming skills, attended lectures, lab courses, seminars).


  • Interesse an Softwaretechnik und modellgetriebenen Entwicklungsprozessen. Der Besuch der Vorlesung Modellbasierte Software Entwicklung (kann auch paralle l zum Seminar erfolgen) oder Generative Softwareentwicklung ist wünschenswert.

Please inform yourself about the learning objectives in the "Modulhandbuch" (M.Sc.).