Andreas Wortmann Dr. Andreas Wortmann
Dipl.-Inform. Dipl.-Wirt.Inform.

Team Leader Model-Driven Systems Engineering

Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science 3
RWTH Aachen University
Ahornstraße 55
D-52074 Aachen

tel. +49 (241) 80-21346
fax. +49 (241) 80-22218
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We investigate software & systems engineering through the lens of software languages. To this end, we conceive and develop, concepts, methods, and tools to facilitate efficient systems engineering with domain-specific software languages and language processing tools. This includes developing sophisticated language architectures for application in different domains including automated driving, the smart factories of Industry 4.0, and robotics.

To this end, the model-driven systems engineering research group at the chair of Software Engineering concentrates on related research projects, such as iserveU or CrESt. In this group, we also conduct teaching and academic organization in the context of language-driven systems engineering. Part of these activities are illustrated below.


Our research activities and their results influence the courses we offer. In the past, research in model-driven engineering, software language engineering, and their application to robotics manifested in project classes and seminars:

Videos of the project classes' results and more are available on my youtube channel.

Our research also influences the bachelor theses and master theses we offer. Currently, we have the following interesting theses in the intersections of model-driven engineering, software language engineering, and robotics for you.

Academic Service

I helped organizing the Workshop on Model-Driven Robotics Software Engineering 2018, 5th International Workshop on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering, 1st Workshop on Pains in Model-Driven Engineering Practice, 1st International Workshop on Robotics Software Engineering (RoSE'18) at ICSE 2018, MODELS 2018, SPLC 2018, 5th International Workshop on the Globalization of Modeling Languages (GEMOC), Tutorial on Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio at ICSA 2017 (Tutorial Website), Workshop on Model-Driven Robotics Software Engineering 2017, the Workshop on Model-Driven Knowledge Engineering 2015, as well as the Software Engineering 2013 conference.

Besides this, I served in program committees of various conferences and workshops including EXE 2018, CommitMDE 2018, ME 2018, GEMOC 2018 CBI 2018, SLE 2018, SPLTea 2018, SEAA 2018 (DSLs and Model-Based Development Track), MEKES 2018, Robotic Computing 2018, EXE 2017, SLE 2017, Robotic Computing 2017, ETFA 2017, MiSE 2017, MORSE 2016, ETFA 2016, DSLRob 2015, MORSE 2015, ETFA 2015, DSLRob 2014.

Moreover, I also reviewed for the following journals: Journal on Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM), Journal of Systems and Software, Empirical Software Engineering, Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics, Business & Information Systems Engineering.

I also served in the Commission for Teaching (KfL) of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University and am a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Automotive Software Engineering (JASE) as well as of the board of the European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS).

Publications RSS Feed

Of course, our research manifests in publications related to modeling, language engineering, and applying it to robotics as well. We, therefore, also prepared curated lists on these topics for you.