ECOOP'97 Workshop #5

Precise Semantics for Object-Oriented Modeling Techniques

Call for Papers

The Workshop on Precise Semantics for Object-Oriented Modeling Techniques will be held in conjunction with ECOOP'97 on Tuesday 10. June 1997 at Jyväskylä, Finland.


Currently there is an ongoing standardization process for object-oriented modeling techniques (OOMT) initiated by the OMG. Standardization of OOMTs does not only include a precise syntax, but a precise semantics as well. This is essential for unambiguous understanding of business and system specifications modeled with OOMT.

A precise semantics allows us to detect inconsistencies and inaccuracies both in OOMTs themselves (meta-modeling), and in specifications written using these OOMTs (modeling). It is essential if we want to compare (and use) different OOMTs, with perhaps quite different syntaxes (notations), based on their meaning (semantics). This not only may improve the notations and make them more convenient, but also will enable interoperability between different OOMT. Moreover, precise semantics also allows us to use a notation in a more standardized way, thus leading to better and unambiguous understanding and therefore supporting true reuse of specifications and design, a more accurate definition of context conditions or (code) generators. Furthermore, requirement decisions could be traced more precisely to produced code.


The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to:


Haim Kilov
Merrill Lynch
Operations, Services and Technology
World Financial Center
South Tower
New York, NY 10080-6105

Bernhard Rumpe
Institut für Informatik,
Technische Universität München
80333 Munich, Germany

Important Dates

    Deadline for submission:    April 4, 1997

    Notification of acceptance: May   5, 1997

    Day of workshop:            June 10, 1997


will be printed as technical report of the Munich University of Technology and will be available at the conference.

Further Information

will be available here as soon as possible. You may also contact Bernhard Rumpe.


Workshop proposals should be about 5 pages and highlight the main contributions of the author. Interesting papers will be selected by the organizers and their authors will have the possibility to present them in about 20 minutes. Furthermore, each author is encouraged to present open questions and one or two main statements that shall be discussed. Workshop participants are invited to submit their contribution as standard Postscript per email to both workshop organizers. Submission deadline is April 4, 1997.

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