The iserveU Service Robotics Project

Although the costs for robotics hardware and software decrease, deploying a successful robotics application still requires tremendous effort. While various challenging issues for service robotics have been solved to a degree where their deployment is possible, integration of the corresponding hardware components and software components requires intensive collaboration of domain experts, robotics experts, and software experts. Model-driven software engineering can facilitate development and integration of robotics software components while retaining a proper separation between domain expert concerns and software expert concerns.

The 3-year iserveU project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to investigate the feasibility of pervasive model-driven software engineering for complex service robotics applications in the domain of transport applications.

Project Members

Project Consortium

The project consortium consists of 4 partners from academia and 3 partners from industry:


Deploying the iserveU project consists of downloading and running the following software components. The technical report provides detailed installation and execution instructions:

Project Sites of Partners