A. Wortmann

Dr. A. Wortmann

Team leader software architectures

Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science 3
RWTH Aachen University
Ahornstraße 55
D-52074 Aachen

tel. +49 (241) 80-21343
fax. +49 (241) 80-22218

room 4315

Fields of Work

  • Software language engineering: language design, composition, and derivation
  • Code generation: modular code generators and their composition
  • Model-driven architecture: Development and Evolution
  • Extensible architecture description languages
  • Applying SLE, MDE and ADLs to automotive and robotics

Academic Service

Organization of Tutorial on Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio at ICSA 2017 (Tutorial Website), Workshop on Model-Driven Robotics Software Engineering 2017, Workshop on Model-Driven Knowledge Engineering 2015, Software Engineering 2013.

Programm comittee of several conferences and workshops including Robotic Computing 2017, SLE 2017, ETFA 2017, MiSE 2017, MORSE 2016, ETFA 2016, DSLRob 2015, MORSE 2015, ETFA 2015, DSLRob 2014.

Commission for Teaching (KfL) of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University

Research Projects

  • iserveU: Pervasive model-driven development of service robotics applications.
  • LightRocks: A modeling framework for robotics assembly.
  • RapidCoop: Model-driven cooperative autonomous driving.
  • RedCarpet: Exploiting big data to improve automotive software engineering.
  • CrESt: Collaborative Embedded Systems.

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Videos of the pratical courses' results are available from our robotics website.