A. Wortmann

Dipl.-Inform. Dipl.-Wirt.Inform.
A. Wortmann

Team leader software architectures

Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science 3
RWTH Aachen University
Ahornstraße 55
D-52074 Aachen

tel. +49 (241) 80-21343
fax. +49 (241) 80-22218

room 4315

Fields of Work

  • Software language engineering: language design, composition, and derivation
  • Code generation: modular code generators and their composition
  • Model-driven architecture: Development and Evolution
  • Extensible architecture description languages
  • Applying SLE, MDE and ADLs to automotive and robotics

Academic Service

Research Projects

  • iserveU: Pervasive model-driven development of service robotics applications.
  • LightRocks: A modeling framework for robotics assembly.
  • RapidCoop: Model-driven cooperative autonomous driving.
  • RedCarpet: Exploiting big data to improve automotive software engineering.

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Videos of the pratical courses' results are available from our robotics website.